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Harmony School of Nature & Athletics

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bobbie H.

To: whom this may concern:
RE: Harmony is a great school
Harmony has a great method and structure for advanced learning. I have two boys that attend HSNA. We have been with Harmony for 3 years now and each year we are impressed with the education. We are impressed with the education we are getting at Harmony. I recommend Harmony to all of my friends and family.
Bobbie H.
Mother of two

Sonia B.

We are very excited about the new school year!!!!
This is the third year that our daughters have attended Harmony Schools. Their fourth and fifth grade years were filled with innovative and creative ways for learning. The teachers exposed them to culturally diverse ideas and activities. They participated in fun (affordable) afterschool clubs. More importantly, the teachers were readily available for tutoring and any other assistance.
At HAS, students are rewarded for accomplishments. This concept encourages excellence. Students have the opportunity to win gift cards and other prizes for science fairs, spelling bees, academic competitions and other school-related activities.
As a parent, I am impressed that the teachers and staff make an effort to visit our homes. The HAS teachers know the impact that the family has on a child’s academic success. They go beyond the classroom to ensure that our children are able to achieve their full potential.
The new campus is beautiful. The kids are anxious to experience all the potential HSA-NA has to offer. They are being challenged academically and socially. Although the school does not offer the typical sports, students are introduced to physically and mentally-stimulating classes, i.e. judo, archery, mountain-biking.
HAS-NA is rich in cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. This allows our children to have an educational experience that will mirror their future real-world experiences.
We are excited about the projected goals for HAS-NA.
Thank you for bringing this exciting, new school to our kids and our community.

Parents of HS-NA students Sonia B.

Tonja T.

                                                                                                                                             September 24, 2010
                Harmony Science Academy has been such a wonderful school for my two children! I learned about the school at a time that I was very discouraged with public schools, around three years ago. My children were bored with learning just basic skills in order to pass the TAKS test. At HAS, they have been exposed to so much more than just “basic learning.” The small intimate learning environment is also a plus. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. HSA is also a place where parents are welcome to come in and volunteer anytime. We plan on staying with Harmony for many, many years to come and look forward to the college prep work and wonderful opportunities that Harmony has to offer!                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                Tonja T.
Mother of a 3rd and 8th grader
at Harmony School of Nature  and Athletics

Christine G.

The Easy Road Isn’t Always the Best Choice
By Christine G.
As another parent ask me, “Wouldn’t it be easier to send your kids to the local public school?” , so many things come to mind. Yes, it would be a short walk for the kids to go to the school around the corner. But that’s the only benefit I can think of. There are so many reasons to be thankful that my sons go to a Harmony school.
One of the things I value most is my children’s education. With Harmony, I know that my children are getting the most out of going to school. I’m confident that Harmony will give my children everything they need to be successful when they graduate and move on to college. Harmony has already enriched their lives beyond what any public would have been able to offer. From Science Fairs to hands on projects to alternative teaching methods, there is never a day that my children are bored in school. And this day and age, what public school could provide mountain biking, archery or Judo in P.E>? None that I know of. Harmony has taught my children to love learning, and to get everything out of it that they possibly can.
So what do I say when someone asks me if it would be easier to send my boys to a public school? I tell them no, it’s easier to send them to a school that they love.

About the author:
Christine is the mother of 3 boys, 2 of them attend Harmony School of Nature and Athletics in Dallas, TX. She is a self-employed mobile spa consultant, and author of the Spa Blog

Beth C.

            I currently have three daughters enrolled at Harmony School of Nature and Athletics.
My daughters are in 7th,6th, and 3rd grade. My children and I  are very happy with Harmony schools. The teaching staff is very dedicated. Teachers are always willing to help students out and go the extra mile to show interest in the kids. The time teacher’s take for home visits are not only educational for the families, but really help the students bond with the family. I have never had a Harmony teacher deny my children extra help. In fact teachers will come in early and stay late, or miss lunch to help a child not understanding a concept being taught in class. The ISD my children came from seemed so impersonal. While the teacher’s were willing to help they just did not have the extra time to commit. My children all attended the same campus but never saw each other and seemed lost in a sea of children.
I have chosen Harmony also for the advance academic options and life experiences. My children have enjoyed learning the Turkish Language and culture. My oldest daughter especially loves to learn new languages. She would not have been able to start foreign language until her 7th grade year in the local ISD. Both of my older daughters have joined the Turkish Club. They are fascinated by the food and lifestyle. We are hoping in high school all the girls will be able to attend a foreign trip trip with the school. Seeing the world through the eyes of the locals is not an opportunity given to everyone.  
My whole family is so proud to be proud to be part of the new Harmony Campus. The building may not be finished, but we are really starting to see what the finished school will offer problems may come up, however the school officials work together to resolve them quickly. In addition to Turkish Club my children have joined the Archery, Science Olympiad, and Mountain biking clubs. My children have attended private schools that have not offered the clubs and state of the equipment Harmony has.
We look forward to this year and many successful years to come
Beth C.
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Bryan K.

September 25, 2010

Dear Administrators and Staff of Harmony Nature,
Hello. I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful and important work you are doing. Harmony School system continues to be a remarkable school in so many ways. I have had my children in your school for three years. That gives me a perspective on the effect you have had on my children. It is a very positive one.
The most salient aspect is your focus on preparing our children for the University. Most important to us is the emphasis on Mathematics. This gives our children a solid grounding for whatever academic direction they choose to follow. There is an emphasis on building character through rigorous adherence to high academic standards balanced by the treatment of each student as an individual. Our children have acquired a rich cultural awareness via the opportunities that Harmony has provided – travel, extracurricular activities, and open minded teachers whose main interest is developing the students to their fullest potential.
 Your success is assured by your single minded dedication to high standards. Proof of this is the number of Harmony Schools awarded for academic excellence.
I wish you the best for this school year.
Thank you
Most Sincerely,
Bryan K., BA,MBA